Fart gun

Liminal space that is literally just someone's room

Car that can't park until it's out of gas

pick fish out of the water and squeeze them

non-binary head (sloppy) clinics

cheese pizza followed up with some delicious cake farts

fuck a sentient rock

cereal with ketamine

edible paint

Throw syko in a tar pit

saw shab in half

millie cyrus bobby brown norton

a-10 strafe on shabs house

Fire an asteroid at Brianna wu

Shoes with foot prints that write boner in comic sans when wet

Marvel movies but cut the fat. Just all cameos

Femcel itchy and boymoder scratchy

rice pringles

circumcision reversal surgery. stackable and repeatable

Fart echo chamber

Buffalo creampie

diaper mandate (get to crinkling!)

Train powered by smell

Quintuple the price of female hygiene products (pads, bleedsticks, pregnancy tests)

alt history where men have to breastfeed babies with their cocks

Prostate massage therapy

worm smoothie sandwich

sneezed into someones nose so we can recycle

Aids needle minefield

Parappa the Cracka

PvP unbirthing rebirthing game

Permanent bandaid

flavored microplastics

waterboarding with piss

Poop reviews

punk cock

Hash browns made of apples

condom glasses

laugh track for when you have sex

Poop attack

Skin grafted over your ass creating an immovable diaper that makes it so you can never poop again

ability to upload own car horns. upload 120dB fart sound effect

Drag and drop all the people in poverty in to one big city that they can live and thrive together

all viewers of this page get the femur breaker

since the colon is a mucus membrane, we should be blowing our asses like our nose and wiping less

shit cigarette

Bong water smoothies

Hotdog water vending machine

Drinking and smoking dog water

if you pee a lil bit in your fuel tank it increases the amount of miles you can drive and it's free

every time you get head your penis dissolves and you have to wait 8 months for it to grow back

Human calander

binky buttplugs for gay babies

Use data mining for horoscopes

Use horoscopes to datamine

Put little malls inside people's houses so the gap can compete with Amazon

ERP (eat rice pudding)

Tinnitus harmonizing

Poop repellent toilet and paper

eBay for heroin

cough drops you have to drop like molly

Jelly dominos

Kill every dog you see for 1 day

Buffalo Hunting Trip

hand sanitizer sandwich

The tub is a second toilet

fart in the tub so it louder

Air drop juuls on African tribes

Pregnant Furry Racing Kart™️

sabotage everything your friends hold dear

plum wine

When the going gets rough: give up

Fart alarm

Asian anal slut porn

japanese man learn english through family guy. thinks all english people talk like they have cutaway jokes

Decapitation medicine

massive earthquake in san francisco killing thousands

Milk based soda

soda stream with piss

Room temperature sour cream

throw a metal bucket down the stairs so it makes a cool sound

three pronged blowjob offensive

waterbeds made of hay and straw

hunger but for water (water-hungry)

Microwave safe copper

China sets made of paper

Wash your dishes in the bathtub

Ring shaped penis

Blue flavored skittles

Fart storage device

Bathroom asmr event

Soaked dream

Pee tests for an IED

Repost old ideas and pretend they're new ones

Vaporize your shorts by farting extremely hard

throat fuck the poggers guy

Use eels trained to eat poop instead of toilet paper, 20 years of free wiping

Rice toilet paper

black hitler

rectal heart monitor

Small 'man caves' should be called boy holes

Family guy iceberg video

Poo flavored yogurt/drink

Water bottles made of ice so as you drink you can take bites out of it

Testicle floatation device

everybody swaps meds. see what happens

Replace the regular saliva gland with a milk producing gland

keyboard that instead of making feminine little clicky noises makes loud thunderous booming sonuds

Prison where everyone is trapped in a giant lego version of themselves instead of regular jail cells

Visit a make-a-wish child that asked for markiplier and do a markiplier impression

Dog poop that smells good and is edible

Sonic the hedgemog

Tubgirl soup

remove your prostate to take bigger shits

Denim joker

Jelq with fish

Drink stomach acid

Chocolate bars that look like poop

Wojack horseman

asshole punching machine

Outlet-to-outlet cable

More ageplay in marvel flicks

Review channel where I dont watch any of the movies i review and make it really obvious to anyone who's seen the movie before by including scenarios that just never happen in the actual movie

rock people with muscles on the inside

Edible hot dogs

Legally bar paul dano from having sex

Ear bud headphones

Edible pokemon cards

Laptop screen and the entire bezel is made of chocolate

The Sounding Fathers

smokable nfts

Close your bank acct and send all the funds to the ukraine relief foundation (my paypal)

burger king mosh pit

Slip creatine into womens drinks

boop that epic doggo right in the hecking sniffer

Brute force algorithm for mandarin

Fart heated blanket

Shirt eating grin

Grippy condoms

what if us gen z girlies went up to Putin with our hello kitty backpacks and lana del ray vinyls (fashioned into girlpower inbued shurikens) and stopped him whilst saying "uhm oomfie it was the nuclear threat for me" i think that would be crazy guys

A big ol poop feast, mountains of poop for all to enjoy

active noise cancelling headphones that are specifically tuned to drown out parents fighting

relaunch the hotwheels and barbie themed PCs

Train cats to open bottles, jars, boxes, etc.

Caijin hotdogs

raging bull spin off: seething cuck

bbw wrestling federation

soyjak nft project, whoever tries to disrupt our profits, we turn into one of the soyjaks we sell. FUD proof.

big pharma tries to make urethral sounding "hip" so they can sell urethral medication

online account insurance, this wont protect your accounts at all but it makes a new twitter if ur main one gets suspended. 200-280$ a month depending on how racist you are

gofundme for my rent everymonth and claim im LGBT

yelp for bathrooms

fleshlight that only activates in school zones

microdosing on rocks to become a goron from zelda

stop drinking seed oils and start drinking olive oils

anti gravity chevy blazer

Hypnotize myself into being a genius

chinese freestyling competition

car that only unlocks after you solve it's three riddles

Passenger side blowjob

Hit shab jn the balls until he throws up

neurodivergent exclusive media

set up a crowdfund for a youtube channel

make the windows 10 cortana assistant become rampant like the real cortana in halo 4

go back to 2006 and invent angry birds

wal mart becomes the new hot place to host weddings

whenever someone says white people have no culture we play vaccine/covid/trump song parodies on a loud speaker

Nostalgia Critic Night

nintendo relaunches the wii u to compete with the steam deck

How about a giant hole everyone can share, fuck, and cum into

Ask people on the street if they can help out with your rent but use it on alchohol instead

Bar codes for each person in society. They're connected to the banks, you're id, your social identity . Everything that's defines you will be integrated into your personalized custom barcode tattoo.

Everyone gets an AI chip implanted in their spine that can only speak to the host and will list useful ideas and reminders throughout the day. It also plays advertising randomly and can override whatever you're doing beforehand. You also require a solar panel installed on the top of your head to power the chip. If it breaks the AI will begin screaming at you.

We split time again like with BC and AD and we start counting backwards again from 5000

Water bricks

VR games but you can only do things that you already do in real life

Advertising campaign in japan to make the japs think peter griffin is based on a real american person and you can actually meet him in rhode island

chicken burgers with blue cheese and fried onions with rye buns

we fill a big lake up with our cum

music with drills

butt reduction surgery

buy ppl ps5 games that dont have a ps5

feast where 50% of our drinks are poisoned at random