I am a 19 year old going to school (graduated high school at 17), very sad to see the lack of personal sites in the current day!!!!

So I had decided I was gonna try to change that myself!!!

I'm a fairly novice programmer and only really able to make something functional within python but everything I plan to release is open source and will be posted here!!!!

thank you for checking out my site :)

IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT ME MY EMAIL IS: hornyforhamburger@protonmail.com

I have NO SOCIAL MEDIA, if someone is claiming to own this site on such a platform they are not me

likes: programming, gaming, lifting (weights), martial arts

dislikes: ppl that tell me what I should and shouldn't do (fuck you kill yourself)

correction: I do have a discord but I do not count that as social media since it's an IM app, planning to quit it hopefully soon though and move to IRC completely because FUCK DISCORD